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Hazardous Goods w/Secondary Containment Floors

Hazardous Goods w/Secondary Containment FloorsThe CHEM 1000 is  the highest rated  chemical and hazardous good container in our product line. They are tested, economical and mobile, for the storage of hazardous materials. They can be moved  at any time by crane or forklift. Various sizes are available and  because of the  design the exact needs of the user can be met. With  a grate that is rated at 1000 kg/sq.m. it is easy to see why the CHEM 1000 is ideal for industrial storage of hazardous and flammable liquid. Available in sizes from 7′x7, up to 7′x20′

• 4 jack rings for easy lifting by crane.
• Reinforced roof and frame profile.
• Liquid collection channel on all four sides, apart from the door area.
• Integrated, weather protected ventilation openings in the door and opposite back wall.
• Natural ventilation via all round ventilation openings directly above the sump tray (at least 0.4-fold air change)
• Container’s door options include single and double side and end doors or a combination of both.

Sizes available are:

  • CHEM 1000 7’x 10′ WITH DOUBLE SIDE DOOR SUMP CAPACITY 1060 litres.
  • CHEM 1000 7’x13’ WITH DOUBLE SIDE DOOR SUMP CAPACITY 1425 litres.
  • CHEM 1000 7’x16’ WITH DOUBLE SIDE DOOR SUMP CAPACITY 0000 litres.

Please Contact Us for complete details.

Sump tray with grate

  • Made of 3mm steel sheeting, hot-dip galvanized.
  • Load bearing capacity 1000 kg/sq. meter, higher capacities on request.
  • Powder coated.
  • The collection volume is 10% of the total storage volume.

Accessories and option

  • Vandal Bar.
  • A large or small ramp.
  • Powder coating.
  • Insulation.
  • Shelving Sets.
  • And many other useful accessories.


  • Delivered pre-assembled, ready to use or flat packed for ease of shipping.