Portable Storage Solutions

Wellhead Coverings

The MOD-POD Wellhead Shack is designed for one purpose in mind- easy access to well head for any service or repair work. Manufactured with floorless frame that allows the unit to be constructed over existing working wells, these units are ideal for wells that require constant service work. With 4 quick lock snaps the roof can be lifted off with two men and NO expensive picker trucks. The remaining 4 walls can be removed with 4 pins.

Sizes available are:

  • 7′x7′
  • 7′x10′
  • 7′x13′

Please Contact Us for complete details.


  • Container is made of 0.03″ (0.80 mm) galvanized steel.
  • Ventilation grills can be installed into the side walls of the container.
  • Windows with or without shutters can be installed.
  • Container’s doorway measures 61″ x 75.6″ (1550mm x 1890mm), when double wing door is fully opened.
  • Can be fully insulated.
  • 10 year Corrosion Warranty.