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What’s New

Creative Applications –

The beauty of these modular containers is their ability to collapse down and be rebuilt anywhere, and everywhere. Since Qwik Contain was founded many different applications and uses have come forward.  Qwik Contain has solved many storage issues. From our 3’ X 7’ containers securely storing wood, to shelters for ATMs at different events around Alberta, Qwik Contain has come to the rescue of a large number of storage problems for a large number of people.

Everyday people who need a container in their backyard to store their trophy mounts while a realtor stages their home for showing. Qwik contain is happy to report that ZERO driveways have been damaged in the use of their containers, and whenever needed the containers have been put up in tight spaces, such as inside the garage.

When our clients need us we are there! Getting a container to a flooded house in record time. Our service is second to none and no client will be left without a container to store their precious belongings keeping them from being damaged.

That shed in your backyard… How sturdy is it? How long do you think it will last? Even more importantly, is it very secure? Why don’t you save some headache and try out one of our modular containers? They are stronger than your average shed, they protect your valuables against the elements, and most interestingly they can be moved so easily from one end of the yard to the other, or be moved along with you when you move.

Keep your eyes on our website to learn about more creative applications for our versatile containers!